5/F., Blk A, Lee Sum Factory Bldg.,
23 Sze Mei Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon.

Phone:2713 7667
Fax:2713 7896

Our company is always up-to-date

with environmental protection

technology management. 

In 1997, we introduced the 4th 

generation environmental friendly dry cleaning machine and added the 5th generation in 1999. The machine can reduce evaporation of the dry cleaning agent (perchloroethylene) and lower its wastage, speed up the dry cleaning with specially good effect and meet the requirements of the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department.
Tseng Kwan O Shop (Opening Hours:0800~2000)
Shop G18B, G/F, Monterey Place, 23 Tong Chun Street, Tseng Kwan O, N.T. Phone:3994 9770
Fung Cheung Road Shop (Opening Hours:0800~2000)
Shop 4, G/F., Champion Bldg., 70 Fung Cheung Rd., Yuen Long Phone:3994 9764
Luk Yeung Galleria Shop (Opening Hours:0800~2000)
Shop Unit P6, Luk Yeung Galleria. Phone:3994 9758
Ma On Shan Shop (Opening Hours:0830~2030)
Shop 10, 1/F., Fu Fai Garden, Ma On Shan, N.T. Phone:3994 9752
Yuen Long Shop (Opening Hours:0800~2000)
Shop 13, G/F., Ho Shun Yee Bldg., No. 9 Fung Yau St., East, Yuen Long, N.T. Phone:3994 9750
Wu Kai Sha Shop (Opening Hours:0800~2100)
Shop G12, G/F., Lake Silver, 599 Sai Sha Rd., Shatin, NT. Phone:3994 9746
Sham Tseng Shop (Opening Hours:0800~2000)
Shop Y, G/F., Chan Kee Plaza 42 Castle Peak Rd., Sham Tseng. Phone:3994 9742
Sha Tin City One Shop (Opening Hours:0800~2000)
Shop 45, G/F., Ngan Shing Comm. Ctr., City One, Sha Tin. Phone:3994 9739
Tsuen Wan Shop (Opening Hours:0800~2000)
Shop 5, G/F., Brighton Place, 23 Shiu Wo St., Tsuen Wan. Phone:3994 9737
Sha Tin Centre Shop (Opening Hours:0800~2000)
Shop 44 & 45, 3/F., Sha Tin Ctr., Sha Tin. Phone:3994 9725
Bulkeley Shop (Opening Hours:0800~2000)
Shop B, G/F., Berkeley Building, 81 Bulkeley Street, Hung Hom, Kln Phone:3994 9769
Tung Choi Street Shop (Opening Hours:0830~2030)
Shop 10, G/F., Foo Tat Building., 50 Soy Street., Mong Kok, Kln. Phone:3994 9767
Yau Tong Yau Lai Shopping Centre Shop (Opening Hours:0800~2000)
Shop 301, 3/F., Yau Lai Shopping Centre., Yau Ling Est, Yau Tong,Kln Phone:3994 9763
Yau Ma Tei Shop (Opening Hours:0800~2000)
G/F., No.C, Comfort Mansion, 888 Canton Rd., Yau Ma Tei. Phone:3994 9762
Ching Long Shop (Opening Hours:0800~2030
Shop A025, G/F., Ching Long Shopping Ctr., Kln City. Phone:3994 9761
Sai Yee Street Shop (Opening Hours:0800~2030)
Shop 2, G/F., Yiu Cheong Bldg., 201A Sai Yee St., Prince Edward, Kln. Phone:3994 9759
Tai Nan Street (Opening Hours:0800~2000, Closed on Wednesday)
Shop A , Nan Yuen Bldg., 44 Tai Nan St., Kln. Phone:3994 9757
Lung Poon Commercial Centre Shop (Opening Hours:0800~2000)
Shop No. 204 1/F., Lung Poon Court Comm. Ctr., Wong Tai Sin. Phone:3994 9756
Ngau Tau Kok Shop (Opening Hours:0800~2000)
Shop 6 ,G/F., Jade Field Garden, 15-19 Ngan Tau Kok Rd. Phone:3994 9754
Fuk Wa Street Shop (Opening Hours:0900~2100, Closed on Wednesday)
Shop A, G/F., 88 Fuk Wa St., Sham Shui Po, Kln. Phone:3994 9749
Ngan Fung Street Shop (Opening Hours:0800~2000, Wednesday 0800~1500)
Shop C, G/F., 1 Ngan Fung St., Wong Tai Sin, Kln. Phone:3994 9747
Lai Chi Kok Shop (Opening Hours:0800~2000)
Shop 97, 2/F., The Pacifica Mall, No. 9 Sham Shing Rd., Lai Chi Kok, Kln. Phone:3994 9744
Tsim Sha Tsui Shop (Opening Hours:0800~2000)
Shop E1, 7-11 Kimberley St., Tsim Sha Tsui. Phone:3994 9729
Mei Foo Shop (Opening Hours:0800~2000)
Shop 1, 29A Broadway, Mei Foo Sun Chuen, Mei Foo. Phone:3994 9727
Yu Chau Street Shop (Opening Hours:0800~2030)
Shop B, G/F., 244 Yu Chau St., Sham Shui Po. Phone:3994 9721
Soares Avenue Shop (Opening Hours:0800~2000)
G/F., 3 Soares Avenue, Ho Man Tin, Kln Phone:3994 9717
Tokwawan Shop (Opening Hours:0800~2000)
G/F., Cambo Bldg., 74 Pau Chung St., Tokwawan. Phone:3994 9703
Sai Wan Shop (Opening Hours:0800~2000
G/F, No.5 Belcher's Street, Sai Wan, Hong Kong. Phone:3994 9773
Heng Fa Chuen Shop (Opening Hours:0800~2000)
Shop G58B, G/F, Paradise Mall, Heng Fa Chuen, Chai Wan. Phone:3994 9768
Kennedy Town Shop (Opening Hours:0800~2000)
No.9, G/F, Davis Street, Sai Wan Phone:3994 9766
Seymour Road Shop (Opening Hours:0800~2000)
G/F., 13 Seymour Rd., West Mid-levels, H.K. Phone:3994 9760
Pan Hoi Street Shop (Opening Hours:0800~2030)
Shop 5A,G/F.,Chung Hing Mansion ,5 Pan Hoi St.,Quarry Bay,H.K. Phone:3994 9755
Tai Hang Shop (Opening Hours:0800~2030)
G/ F., 1 Sun Chun Street, Tai Hang, H.K. Phone:3994 9753
Yau Man Street Shop (Opening Hours:0800~2000)
Shop 33, G/F., Yick Fat Building, 28 Yau Man St., Quarry Bay, H.K. Phone:3994 9751
Sai Ying Pun Shop (Opening Hours:0800~2000)
Shop1, G/F.,Yee Fung Court, 88 Second Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong Phone:3994 9748
Causeway Bay Shop (Opening Hours:0800~2030)
Shop A, G/F., No.26 Sharp St West, Causeway Bay, H.K. Phone:3994 9743
Lei King Wan Shop (Opening Hours:0800~2000)
Shop GD07, Site D, 25 Tai On St., Lei King Wan Phone:3994 9726
Happy Valley Shop (Opening Hours:0800~2000)
Shop D1, G/F., 12-12C Sing Woo Rd., Happy Valley.(Near Yuk Sau St) Phone:3994 9719
Caine Road Shop (Opening Hours:0800~2000)
G6, Dragon Crt., 28 Caine Rd., H.K. Phone:3994 9715
Aldrich Garden Shop (Opening Hours:0800~2000)
Shop 6, G/F., Block 6, Aldrich Garden, Shau Kei Wan. Phone:3994 9709
Aberdeen Shop (Opening Hours:0800~2030)
Shop 30, G/F., Abba Centre, No. 223-227 Aberdeen Main Rd., Aberdeen. Phone:3994 9702